S.O.S. Hunt [Hints For Hunters]

Hey Hunters!! Your lonely swirly ice cream cones are ready and waiting to be found! To be sure that you find them, here’s some hints for you guys :]

**If you’ve read the tip/hint and still cannot find the hunt item then please feel free to join the group “Subtle Hunts” and IM in group chat, and if that fails then send an IM to me, DahliaJames Gossipgirl. Happy Hunting!!!

**And remember, let everything rez before you give up on looking :]
1. sweet little
I was in need of some robot assistance…just kidding, I was just trying to blend in ;]

2. .::La Flat::.
I’d like to play some vinyl records, but I’m only an ice cream cone :[

3. Julia Collection
Explore the upstairs level, have a snack, or some breakfast, or some wine, or an ice cream cone!

4. 20.FIVE
don’t look TOO hard, you might miss me ;]

5. =catmonster=
Come sit by the window and cool off with a nice treat, surely you’ll find me.

6. Joy Love
hurry come get me before I melt all over these rugs!

7. *Just Because*
Find the furthest room in the store, from there take a stroll through the “Atrium” maybe relax at a shaded table? ;]

8. Cupcakes & Poetry
If these walls could talk, they’d say “there’s ice cream on me!”

9. O w l T o a s t
I found some colorful aprons up here!

10. ::Pinkie::
Dead center ;]

Evolution of man ;]

12. RAWR Revolution
Oh no! I’ve rolled off the table!

13. {meberry}
Come get me off the shelf before I start to collect dust!

14. croire
Try the attic, maybe go for a lucky dip?

15. Home Sweet Home
The Gatcha has got me!

16. CrashRepublic

Someone was climbing up the ladder and just left me here!

**#16 CrashRepublic has changed their store location…if you end up at the Juicy Sim use this SLURL to redirct you: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lendrum/88/184/801

17. Fab.Pony
There are plenty of pillars, but I’m only standing behind one ;]

18. Reila Skins
I got stuck – literally – while admiring these female skins.

19. !Doux Petit [Subtle Creek Market]
Robots like ice cream too ;]

20. !Doux Petit [The End]
Aren’t these panda-quins just adorable?!


Here’s the starting point SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lendrum/54/240/802

Yay, you made it!  Hope you enjoy all your gifts<3 and if you’re interested, I’m hosting a mini hunt within my mall, it starts Monday Sept, 5th 2011 @ 10pm SLT…if you’re not already in it, join the group ” Subtle Hunts” for first-hand updates :]

Thanks again for hunting with Subtle Hunts!

DahliaJames Gossipgirl


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